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Our Work

Four Verticals

Creative Incubation

  • Curate and conduct festivals related to Indian Classical arts and other genres.

  • Conduct salons for intimate sharings, exchange of ideas, creative work, jam sessions and conversations surrounding the arts.

  • Train, employ, and create an ensemble of young practitioners of Indian classical dance and perform across venues, to propagate the arts.

  • Offer performing opportunities for upcoming artistes of Indian classical dance & music through various forums.

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Aid & Recognition

  • Offer scholarships and grants to deserving underprivileged students of Indian classical dance & music for their education.

  • Institute awards for practitioners of Indian classical dance, music and allied fields for their contribution.

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Knowledge Sharing

  • Create a space for collaborative work and peer sharing in the arts

  • Conduct learning immersion camps to teach Indian classical arts, Indian literature and poetry, music, dance, history etc.

  • Create and produce video and other multimedia content pertaining to Indian classical dance, music and allied fields.

  • Conduct talks, lec-dems, workshops, conferences pertaining to Indian performing arts and visual arts.

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Think Tank

  • Conduct research on various aspects of Indian classical dance, music and allied fields

  • Publish books, journals, and other reading materials in multimedia pertaining to Indian classical dance, music and allied fields

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K.S Subramanian Endownment Award 2023

The Young Dancer Award has been instituted in memory of Vidhya Subramanian's father, who was instrumental in fostering young potential dancers for many decades. Presented at Narada Gana Sabha, the awardee gets an opportunity to perform every year during the Margazhi Season.


Inaugural Festival - January 2024

The Inaugural festival titled Reciprocity, featured 4 sessions led by Prasanna Ramaswamy, Dr. Sudha Seshayyan, Lalgudi GJR Krishnan, and Bragha Bessell. The sessions each had an interactive element, involving the audience.  

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